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ET MODEL - 152mm ShkH vz.77 DANA Detail Set
A superb detail set for the HobbyBoss kit!


152mm ShkH vz.77 DANA Detail Set

Manufacturer: ET Model

Scale: 1/35

Material: Photoetch

Serial Number: EA35-083

Price: £14.75 (Cove Models Ltd)





ET Model from China have a rapidly expanding catalogue of photo-etched and detail sets for a wide variety of kits in varying scales. This set is intended to detail the recent HobbyBoss DANA




Set Contents

The set contents consist of four frets of photo-etched brass, one of which is quite small, plus a small transparent acetate. The instructions run to four sides of A4, printed on ET Models' characteristic green paper.


Whilst I know little of dimensional measurements etc., with regards to this vehicle, I can at least offer an opinion as to whether or not the various upgrades supplied in this set are worth exchanging with the kit details, and with that in mind I'll use comparison pics where I can to illustrate the differences.


First one of the instructions shows various details being replaced or added to the two front hatches in the cab roof of the DANA. The kit parts are fairly basic, the outside lever handle consisting of an integral 'lump'. Once that's been shaved off, new photo-etched ones are fitted, plus for the inside of each of the two hatches there are textured and detailed surfaces to fix onto each, plus internal grab handles and locking lever. The two hinges are also detailed with working parts. Moving forwards and lower to the twin windscreens, each of which was covered with an armoured cover. The kit parts to represent these weren't too bad, although the replacement ones supplied in this set are better. The main improvement is as a result of the thickness of photo-etched brass of course, or rather the lack of thickness when compared to the original plastic parts. The vision port within each cover is also supplied as a separate part, and a small acetate rectangle used to represent the armoured glass, an obvious improvement since these vision ports are solid on the kit parts. Each armoured cover can also be made to work with a short length of styrene rod, although this isn't supplied in the set. For underneath each armoured cover, there are photo-etched wipers supplied, and although these are produced from a double thickness of photo-etch and therefore probably better represent a scale thickness, I actually prefer the ones already supplied as photo-etch in the basic kit, they seem a little better detailed. I'd also use the two kit-supplied rain guards above the windscreens too...although for a different reason, that being I can't actually see a difference between the two photo-etched ones that ET Model supply, and the two photo-etched ones that HobbyBoss have already supplied?


For the front of the cab we're offered a replacement number plate amongst other details, this coming with etched brackets which are a definite improvement over the solid kit parts, especially since it's such a noticeable area of the finished mode, albeit a small one. Also at the front we're offered a couple of small fin-like structures, although I'm not sure what exactly they are? The kit parts they replace are both numbered C8, and these fit into small slot-like rebates. Their photo-etched replacements are of course, much narrower, and the rebates will therefore need to be filled before the photo-etched parts are fitted. A small retaining chain for the towing pintle is supplied, along with an improved fascia for the horn fitted to the left of the front of the cab, above the lights.


On the rear left side of the cab there is a large louvered vent into the transmission compartment, which is supplied as a solid moulding in the kit, integral with its frame. This set replaces the solid kit part with an extremely finely etched one, with of course, open slats, and somehow it has been etched to give the appearance of louvres rather than simple bars...which they are. Don't know how they have done it, but it's very effective looking.









Installation of the set then moves on to the open area behind the cab. This is one of the areas to benefit most from this set, replacing many of the plastic details in this area. Again, there are some kit-supplied, solid vents replaced with photo-etched mesh, which is even more finely etched than before, along with many smaller fixtures and fitting plus a large cylindrical structure on the right the purpose of which is unknown to me. Below the turret on the main body of the vehicle, we're provided with a photo-etched foldable crew step up to the turret door. Again, this is an item that is already supplied as photo-etch by HobbyBoss, although they omitted the elliptical cut-out on each step that acted as a pull handle, whilst the ET model one has it. Of course, the ET Model version can also be made to work, whereas the original HobbyBoss one can't, you having to decide at installation whether to model it deployed or stowed. Next to this step there is a large square structure containing a circular ribbed structure, and again it's one of those structures the purpose of which eludes me. I have absolutely no idea what it is supposed to represent! There's one of these on both sides too. Having said that, a comparison between the kit supplied part and the photo-etched version shows that the PE one is much better detailed and finer looking, with the fillets all being provided as separate parts to be soldered or cemented to the backplate dependent on your preference of course!






All the on-vehicle tools are supplied with replacement clamps of course as you would expect in a set such as this, although there aren't that many, but there are also new straps and brackets for the Jerry cans, although these are supplied as photo-etch in the original kit, the ET Model ones are better detailed with clasp detail etc., for the straps. Various other fixtures, fittings and brackets are supplied to detail the rear wall too, along with full replacements for al the various vents and panels on the rear engine compartment roof of the vehicle. The large central, louvered section is supplied with separate louvres, each of which has to be carefully fixed into place. It's a fiddly task, but well the effort for the extra finesse it lends to the finished model. New panels for the side vents are supplied along with a very tidy looking guard cage for the front wall of the engine compartment. Again the original kit supplies a photo-etched guard, but it's thick and has a completely different profile to the ET Model one, which is much more refined looking.


Moving onto the turret, the right-hand side panel of the gun itself is replaced, offering a much more scale-like appearance, plus many of the smaller detail parts are replaced or enhance too. The two turret halves either side of the gun breech receive a myriad of small detail additions, the standouts being a complete inner panel for both the right-hand inner and left-hand outer doors, with handle detail etc. so giving you the option of displaying these doors open, although of course there is no inner turret detail. A replacement ammo can bracket for the DhsK machine gun is supplied, although there is no replacement ammo can or detail enhancements for the DhsK itself since these are both available as separate sets from ET Model.





This is a very exhaustive detail set! To install everything will require some work, but there's no doubt it will be worth it. The vast majority of the set is concerned with either replacing those things that are simply better represented by photo-etch, for example the many mesh panels, louvres etc., or replacing smaller fittings with parts that are much closer to a scale thickness. Thankfully, it's also one of those sets that is that there aren't loads of details that will prove nigh on impossible to install, or be almost completely hidden once complete. Such is the nature of most of the set, that the improvements will still be very noticeable once your model is completed...and look 100% better for it! Highly recommended.




My thanks To ET MODEL for the review sample.









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