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TANKOGRAD - M88 - Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Paul Adamson takes a look at this new title from Tankograd!


M88 - Armoured Recovery Vehicle
Author: Carl Schulze

Publisher: Tankograd

Series: American Special 3014

Price: £13.99

Softcover; Portrait format A4, 64 pages

Supplier: Bookworld


The M88, the US army’s primary heavy recovery vehicle seems like it’s been around forever, actually it nearly has at least in modern military terms. Entering service in 1960 means that it has had a service life of 50 years, quite an achievement in this day and age, this behemoth of a vehicle has seen service from the jungles of Vietnam to the baking deserts of Iraq and still continues to deliver. This Tankograd publication is something of a testament to this vehicle and gives an in depth look at how this vehicle has evolved and been used by various forces around the globe.




Like all Tankograd books this one starts with a detailed history of the vehicle from the initial requirement of the US Army in the mid 1950’s through its prototype face followed by a detailed examination of its component parts. The first few shots are from the operators manual with call outs showing the various major parts of the vehicle following this the initial photographs are in black and white, given when the vehicle entered service this comes as no surprise. Before long however we are back on familiar territory with the usual high quality full colour shots of the vehicle in various colour schemes and situations. There are a couple of interior shots though given that there isn’t much to see inside an M88 only one or two are on show and take second stage to the more useful detail close ups of the various fixtures and fittings.


The book doesn’t just concentrate on the M88 in its recovery guise; it also has a look at the COV (Counter Obstacle Vehicle) albeit sadly a very short look before moving quickly on to the M88A2 which is currently in service with the U.S Army. This version is the up-rated, up-armoured version of the vehicle and whilst still recognisable as the venerable 88 it does differ in a number of areas mainly the supplemental armour plating. The final few pages deal with the M88 in service with the Bundeswehr before finishing with shots of the M88 in service with other nations.




As usual Tankograd deliver on the money with their chosen subject, all the pictures are top notch, the descriptions detailed and the choice is first class. Anyone interested in this behemoth or looking to model the M88 will find this book extremely useful and a must have for their library.


My thanks to Justin at Bookworld for the review sample.












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