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ET MODEL - US M1000 Heavy Equipment Trailer
We've looked at the it's the trailer's turn!


US M1000 Heavy Equipment Trailer

-Detail Set

Manufacturer: ET Model

Scale: 1/35

Material: Photo-etch & Acetate

Serial Number: E35-133

Price:  £15.11





ET Model from China has a rapidly expanding catalogue of photo-etched and detail sets for a wide variety of kits in varying scales, together with a very prolific release schedule. Having already produced the detail set for the M1070 tractor unit, this set is dedicated for use on the M1000 trailer unit.







The set consists of five frets of photo-etched brass, a small clear, printed acetate sheet and seven sides of A4 sized installation instructions, all supplied in a series of clear plastic wallets stapled to a cardboard header.


Two of the photo-etched frets are huge, one quite large, and two small. The instructions as mentioned, run to seven sides and detail the installation of the many replacement and additional parts, most of which I have no idea the function of. The real ones that is, not the PE ones...they're just model parts. The instructions begin with the first two sides illustrating the assembly and construction of various sub-assemblies that are joined to the main construction later on. It can be confusing, so a careful read-through of the instructions before you even begin will pay dividends and reduce the confusion.


The sub-assemblies are assigned letters A to G, and then beginning on page three of the instructions, these are joined together and fixed to the model. The most useful aid when installing this set is likely to be the photographs of the installed set from ET Model themselves, and reproduced below. As you can see, the main areas that gain improvements are around the gooseneck including the winch housing, winch operators panel, the steps up the reverse side of the gooseneck, the curb guides along the trailer and the back end of the trailer behind the two ramps.


Most of the set is confined to replacing details that are best represented by photo-etch in terms of achieving scale-thickness, although where possible, enhanced detail is supplied such as the covering plates for the curb guides along the flatbed. The chocks are replaced too and it's with parts such as these that soldering skills would be a positive advantage, although it should be possible to assemble them with skilful use of superglue or epoxy.






If you've pushed the boat out and purchased the ET Model set for the M1070 tractor, then you'll definitely want this set too. Apart from the sheer enjoyment of installing a set such as this, it's perfect for making yours stand out from the rest.



My thanks to ET MODEL for the review sample.






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